Rock Valley College

Enrollment Information Form

Welcome to the Rock Valley College enrollment information form. We appreciate your interest in RVC. In order to obtain the most complete and accurate information for our records, we ask that you fill out each section of the form completely using your most current information. After the completion of the form you will receive an e-mail confirmation indicating we have received it. There is no fee required to submit an enrollment information form.

Admission Policy

Rock Valley College maintains an open admission policy. There is no deadline for submitting an enrollment information form; however, it is advantageous to submit it as early as possible to ensure the greatest possible choices of courses at the time of registration. Any students who are applying for a Limited Enrollment Career Program (Aviation, Nursing, Respiratory Care, Surgical Technology, and Dental Hygiene) must complete any additional application materials required by the respective department.

New Student Steps

Getting started at RVC is easy. Filling out this enrollment information form is the first step. For complete details on the getting started, please see our Getting Started @ RVC page.

Just complete this enrollment information form prior to registration.

International Students

The specific admission requirements for international students are outlined on our International Student Admissions page.