Rock Valley College
Rockford, Illinois

Employee Directory

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Abbott, Scott (Mentor/Transition Coordinator)
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-3912
Abdullah, Ameen (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1265
Abney, Deborah (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3302
Abraham, Karyn (Career Management Specialist)
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-3909
Adame, Lisa (Benefits Specialist)
Human Resources   815-921-4753
Addis, Jacob (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Adolphson, Mark (Faculty)
Technical Programs   815-921-3015
Akerman, Gary (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Al Zoubi, Hala (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-1324
Alatorre, Annette (Administrative Asst II, CPT)
Student Development   815-921-4186
Alattar, Ahmed (Translator, PT)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Alexander, Lisa (Faculty (pt))
Alfe, Lori (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3303
Alfredson, Debbie (Business Service Coordinator)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2264
Alfredson, Tavis (Systems Administrator)
Information Technology   815-921-4859
Alisankus, Thomas (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3252
Allen, Melvin (Executive Director of Recruitment & Admissions)
Recruitment & Admissions   815-921-4262
Almanza, Spring (Student Worker/CWS)
Enrollment Services   
Almonaci, Oscar (Academic & Transfer Advisor)
Enrollment and Retention   815-921-4106
Almy, Kathleen (Faculty)
Mathematics   815-921-3511
Alqaisi, Zubaidah (Student Worker/CWS)
Institutional Research and Effectiv   
Alsharif, Sarene (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Al-Talabani, Govand (Translator, PT)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Andeen, Timothy (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1219
Andersen, Kathleen (Faculty (pt))
Student Development   
Anderson, Angie (Clin Instructor (pt))
Nursing   815-921-3271
Anderson, Carol (Faculty)
Mathematics   815-921-3518
Anderson, Darrell (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Anderson, Denise (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3180
Anderson, Mark (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Anderson, Sandra (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Anderzon, David (Coordinator/Outreach & Scholarships)
Enrollment Services   815-921-4154
Andrews, Paul (Career Counselor)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2208
Andrews, Shannon (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3417
Angileri, Andrea (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Antczak, Rylee (Accounts Receivable Cashier)
Financial Services   815-921-4417
Arns, Jeffrey (Temporary (ft))
Business Services   815-921-4468
Ashelford, Ronald (Welding Instructor, RTC)
Outreach and Planning   
Ashens, Sally (IT Helpdesk Technician - temp)
Information Technology   
Ashford, Will (Interim, Ft Director of Learning and Opportunity Center)
Student Development   815-921-4236
Asprooth, Liz (Human Resource Generalist, CPT)
Human Resources   815-921-4756
Atterberry-Jones, Megan (Faculty (pt))
Avery, Raymon (Instructor (pt))
Business Outreach   
Axon, Kristen (Student Worker/RVC)
Teaching and Learning Services   
Azam, Tabinda (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3473
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Bach, Rebecca (Administrative Asst II-ADE)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2001
Bacino-Thiessen, Miki (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3342
Bader, Natalie (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Badour, Valarie (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1224
Baeb, Mary (Financial Aid Assistant)
Enrollment Services   815-921-4151
Baer, Joel (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1242
Bainter, Diane (Manager)
Financial Services   815-921-4416
Baker, Marie (Faculty)
Nursing   815-921-3267
Baker, Renee (Special Assignment (pt))
Theatre & Arts Park   
Baker, Sylvia (Clinical Instructional Supervision (pt))
Bane, George (Faculty)
Technical Programs   815-921-3004
Banister, Jonathon (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1251
Bannick, David (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Barker, Carrie (Sports Coordinator/Coach - Soccer)
Athletics   815-921-3838
Barrera-Tulian, Judith (Citizenship Instructor/Application Specialist)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1502
Barron, Karen (Faculty)
Nursing   815-921-3265
Barton, Danielle (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Bauman, David (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1516
Baumann, Toni (Costume Aid)
Theatre & Arts Park   815-921-2152
Baumgartner, Monica (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1393
Bautz, Catherine (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Bawinkel, Daniel (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3172
Baxter, Steven (Faculty/Sheet Metal (pt))
Technical Programs   
Beard, Keith (Maintenance II/Facilities, Fac Plan; Plant Ops & Maint)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   
Beaves, Tatyana (Faculty (pt))
Beck, Jamie (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Beert, Michael (Interim Dean)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3387
Beiersdorff, Dale (Manufactoring Academy Mentor)
Community, Career, and Tech Ed Out   
Belfield, Jennifer (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1318
Bellone, Kathy (Accounting Coordinator)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2252
Beni Lam, Ban (Welcome Center Support Staff-Temp)
Recruitment & Admissions   
Benjamin, Steve (Coach-Head Golf)
Benney, Amanda (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3350
Benson, Victoria (Administrative Assistant II)
Theatre & Arts Park   815-921-2167
Berg, Stuart (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Bergstrom, Janice (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1299
Bernardi, David (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1255
Berry, Kurt (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Best, Miranda (Faculty)
Nursing   815-921-3263
Betts, Bob (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3344
Billman, Charles (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Blair, Bruce (Faculty (pt))
Blair, Valerie (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Blaisdell, Gordon (Techworks Training Specialist)
Business Outreach   815-921-2057
Blake, Penelope (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3345
Blaski, Karin (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3109
Blumlo, Daniel (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3396
Blystone, Rebecca (Administrative Assistant II)
Enrollment Services   815-921-4156
Bock, Robert (Tutor (pt))
Teaching and Learning Services   
Boggie, Julie (Lead Telecommunicator)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-4356
Boggie, Nicholas (Dual Credit & HSC Support - Temp)
Teaching and Learning Services   
Bojda, Derek (Faculty (pt))
Student Development   
Bond, Bradley (Faculty, Pt)
Technical Programs   
Bonvallet, Anna (Clinical Instructional Supervision (pt))
Technical Programs   
Booton, Debra (Faculty-Director/Clinical Education)
Technical Programs   815-921-3220
Borchardt, Sherry (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Boreen, Carol (Teacher Aide)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Bosley, Diane (Teacher Aide)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Boughton, William (Faculty - Independent Study, Pt)
Technical Programs   
Bowen, Kathryn (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1391
Bowers, Nicholas (Administration Support Specialist - CPT)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2265
Bowler, Susan (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Box, Pauline (Career Counselor)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2213
Bradley, Ann (Administrative Assistant II)
Enrollment and Retention   815-921-4101
Brady, Jessica (Community and Continuing Education Assistant II)
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-3906
Brinkley, Jason (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3409
Brooks, Stephen (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1214
Brown, Dawn (Truck Driver Training Specialist)
Business Outreach   
Brown, John (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1488
Brummett, Amy (Faculty (pt))
Brunner, Rachel (Faculty (pt) Summer)
Brynteson, Cynthia (Teaching Specialist-Reading PT)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Brzezinska, Boguslawa (Student Worker/CWS)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Buechner, Judith (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Buerger, Linda (Foundation Specialist)
Foundation   815-921-4506
Burd, Kerry (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Burkhart, Darren (HVAC Mechanic)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   
Burton, Gloria (Administrative Assistant I (pt))
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-2371
Busenbark, Joe (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Busenbark, Susan (Vice President of Liberal Arts & Sciences)
Liberal Arts and Sciences   815-921-4644
Busker, Yvonne (Manager)
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-3905
Buss, James (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1281
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Caccia, Zachery (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Cagnolatti, Kevin (Faculty (pt))
Cain, Kimberli (Payroll Assistant)
Financial Services   815-921-4404
Cain, Rosemari (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1216
Caiozzo, Vincent (Faculty (pt))
Calvagna, Frank (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3403
Calvagna, Jay (Technology Support Specialist)
Information Technology   815-921-4814
Camargo Martell, Enriqueta (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Cantu, Alexandra (Student Worker/CWS)
Enrollment Services   
Carlson, Charles (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Carlson, Dana (Coordinator/Esl/Ade)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2005
Carlson, Lynn (Clinical Instructional Supervision (pt))
Carlson, Mary (Faculty)
Nursing   815-921-3268
Carmichael, Sue (Program Manager DWP)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2251
Caronna Marvin, Gina (Dean, Community, Career, and Technical Education Outreach)
Community, Career, and Tech Ed Out   815-921-3171
Carpenter, Bradley (Programmer/Analyst)
Information Technology   815-921-4834
Carr, Dana (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Carrion, Ivelisse (Faculty (pt))
Carter, Molly (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Caskey, Jerold (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Cassinelli, Meaghan (Coordinator of Student Loans)
Enrollment Services   815-921-4161
Castegnaro, David (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Castree, James (Coordinator, New Student Enrollment)
Recruitment & Admissions   815-921-4274
Cervantes Nunez, Karisse (Student Worker/RVC)
Chamberlain, Jeremy (Faculty)
Mathematics   815-921-3520
Chamberlain, Lucas (Educational Planning Session Instructor-Temp,pt)
Enrollment and Retention   
Chamberlain, Lydia (Student Worker/RVC)
Academic Affairs   
Chamberlain, Nancy (Executive Director of College Communication & Marketing)
College Communications   815-921-4517
Chapman, Jon (Faculty/Electricians (pt))
Technical Programs   
Charles, Sharon (Administrative Assistant I)
Business Outreach   815-921-2077
Chastain, Sally (Supervisor)
Business Services   815-921-4461
Check, Catherine (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3405
Christiansen, Karen (Teacher Aide)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Christianson, Jennifer (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Clark, Aaron (Student Worker/CWS)
Recruitment & Admissions   
Clark, Lisa (Maintenance II/Facilities, Fac Plan; Plant Ops & Maint)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-1520
Clark, Robert (Faculty)
Mathematics   815-921-3512
Clark, Thomas (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3173
Clayton, Mary (Faculty (pt))
Clements, Melissa (Tutor & Writing Center Coordinator)
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-2363
Clevenger, Larry (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Cline, Mary (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3155
Clough, Robert (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1277
Clouse, Marilyn (Admin Assistant II -temp)
Community Ed. Outreach   
Coballes Vega, Carmen (Provost/Chief Academic Officer)
Academic Affairs   815-921-4053
Cobb, Mary (Financial Aid Assistant)
Enrollment Services   815-921-4166
Coe, Tom (Sergeant, FT)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-4361
Coffman, Frank (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3307
Cole, Johanna (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1328
Collins, Dwayne (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Commisso, Melissa (Faculty Sabbatical)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3381
Conley, Jim (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3157
Conness, Gordon (Student Employee/RVC)
Enrollment and Retention   
Conness, Samuel (Student Worker/CWS)
Enrollment and Retention   
Connors, Anne (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1587
Constant, Laura (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3407
Conway, Nicole (Faculty (pt))
Cooke, Audra (Faculty (pt))
Student Development   
Cooper, Kelly (Manager, Career Services, Advising & Placement)
Enrollment and Retention   815-921-4092
Cooper, Sharon (Faculty Sabbatical)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3112
Copeland, Starla (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1236
Corley, Charles (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Cortes Ramirez, Luisa (Student Worker - RVC)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Costello, Dave (Manager of College Communications)
College Communications   815-921-4516
Cote, Greg (Faculty/Electricians (pt))
Technical Programs   
Cotter, Carole (Administrative Asst I = CPT)
Countryman, Kevin (Coordinator)
Technical Programs   815-921-3256
Courtney, Karen (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3308
Cowles, Jeffrey (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Cox, Clairdel (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Crane, Jerome (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3384
Crane, Kari (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1259
Crane, Steven (Maintenance/Custodian-Off Site)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-1233
Crespo, Harrison (Administrative Assistant II (pt))
Recruitment & Admissions   815-921-4263
Croffoot, Connie (Faculty-Adjunct)
Technical Programs   815-921-1226
Crooks, Linda (Assessor/Exernal Diploma Program (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1288
Cropper, Michael (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Crosby, Lynn (Administrative Assistant II)
Technical Programs   815-921-3203
Culhane, Mark (Faculty (pt))
Currere, Debra (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1290
Curry, Tekkahmah (Life Coach)
Enrollment and Retention   815-921-4114
Curtiss, Josh (Programmer/Analyst)
Information Technology   815-921-4831
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Dabbs, Katy (Testing Assistant)
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-2387
Dal Santo, Jody (Coordinator, Traffic Safety Program)
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-3942
Dally, Mitchell (Maintenance II/Grounds)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-1521
D'Alonzo, Robert (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3339
Daniels, Alice (Transitions Coordinator (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2010
Daniels, Rick (Manager)
Student Development   815-921-4187
Danielson, John (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Danzl-Tauer, Lynnette (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3472
Davidson, William (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1247
Davis, Daniel (Team Lead HVAC Maintenance Mechanic IV)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-1522
De Mello, Nikki (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1222
Dean, Norm (Faculty - Pt)
DeBord, Christina (Student Worker/CWS)
DeLeon, Monica (Facilities Scheduler)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-4322
Delia, Marcy (Graphic Designer)
College Communications   815-921-4508
DePauw, Lori (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Deskovich, Jacqueline (Faculty (pt) Summer)
Diab, Lamis (Administrative Assistant II - CPT)
Enrollment and Retention   815-921-4116
Diaz, Amy (Associate Vice President)
Student Development   815-921-4283
Diaz, Melissa (Student Worker/CWS)
Enrollment Services   
Dinh, Xuan (Library Assistant/Serials)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   815-921-4623
Dinwiddie, Crystal (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3382
Dmitrieva, Tatiana (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1275
Dobbins, Stella (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Dolan, Andy (External Relations and Marketing Officer)
College Communications   815-921-4522
Dolan, Beri (Coordinator, Running Start Temp)
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-4084
Donahue, Stephen (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3315
Donaldson, Eric (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1239
Doty, Craig (Sports Coordinator - Men's Basketball Coach)
Athletics   815-921-3809
Dougherty, Elizabeth (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Doyle, Shawn (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Drought, Joe (Chief of Police)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-4353
Duberstein, Steven (Accommodations Specialist)
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-2362
Duncan, William (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Durst, Aubrey (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
DuSavage, Lisa (Administrative Assistant (pt))
Recruitment & Admissions   815-921-4275
Dvorak, Elizabeth (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1325
Dyer, Jenn (Records Evaluator)
Enrollment Services   815-921-4254
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Easton, Amy (Faculty)
Nursing   815-921-3281
Eckburg, Tracy (Accounts Payable Team Leader)
Financial Services   815-921-4412
Eckert, Brent (Technical Services Coor)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   815-921-4604
Eckstaine, Kaye (Faculty)
Nursing   815-921-3276
Elias, Brianna (Student Worker/RVC)
Enrollment Services   
Elias, Dolores (Educational Planning Session Instructor-Temp,pt)
Enrollment and Retention   
Elliott, James (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Elliott, Vincenza (Administrative Assistant III)
Career & Tech Ed & Outreach   815-921-2191
Ellis, Catherine (Office Manager)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-4303
Ellis, Mark (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1271
Emerson, Sylvia (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3159
Erickson, Rebecca (Library Asst-CPT)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   815-921-4617
Etlinger, Sarah (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3304
Etminan, Ellie (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1490
Etminan, Joe (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3174
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Falzone, James (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1295
Farmer, Tamberlyn (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1217
Farney, Randy (Laboratory Assistant (pt))
Technical Programs   815-921-3007
Fay, Les (Temporary Instructional Technician (pt))
Feliciano, Amy (Administrative Assistant III)
Liberal Arts and Sciences   815-921-4641
Ferguson, Valerie (Career Counselor)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2263
Fernald, Cynthia (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Fiedler, Rebekah (Student Worker/CWS)
Teaching and Learning Services   
Figiel-Krueger, Maria (Reference Librarian)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   815-921-4606
Fillicaro, John (Admin & Tech Support)
Institutional Research and Effectiv   815-921-4625
Fink, Emily (Community and Continuing Education Assistant I)
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-3902
Finnegan, Michael (Faculty (pt))
Student Development   
Fischer-Carlson, Lynn (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3348
Fisher, Brenda (TAACCCT Manufacturing Training Program Facilitator)
Technical Programs   815-921-3023
Fisher, Erin (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3386
Flanagan, Phyllis (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1293
Flavin, Randy (Maintenance III/Buildings)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-1527
Fleeman, Brennan (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Fleeman, Stephen (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3175
Flores, Dana (Student Worker/CWS)
Flores Vazquez, Maria (Welcome Center Support Staff - Temp)
Recruitment & Admissions   
Flynn, Mary (Faculty - Reading)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2366
Foes, Heather (Faculty)
Mathematics   815-921-3521
Follett, Kenneth (Faculty (pt))
Foreman, Mary (International Student Coordinator)
Enrollment and Retention   815-921-4251
Frampton, Susan (Sign Language Interpreter)
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-2359
Francik, Giacomina (Teacher Aide)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Fransen, Steven (Coordinator, Pt)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1263
Frantz, Lyle (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Freeberg, Norma (Clinical Instructional Supervision (pt))
Freer, Carol (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1294
Freiberg, Brittany (Director/Development)
Foundation   815-921-4502
French, Diane (Tutoring Assistant- Pt)
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-2352
Freudenberg, Howard (Faculty (pt))
Fricks, Nicky (Coordinator, WIA Youth Educational Services)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1309
Frye, Breanne (Senior Officer)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   
Fuller, Cari (Administrative Assistant II)
Small Business Development   815-921-2081
Fuller, Woodson (Senior Officer)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-4365
Funck, Debra (Technology Support Specialist (temp))
Information Technology   
Fundora, Danielle (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3368
Furness, Jane (Tutor (pt))
Teaching and Learning Services   
Fustin, Scott (Faculty)
Technical Programs   815-921-3053
G back to top
Gabel, Glen (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1383
Gaines, Alison (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Gaines, Virginia (Faculty (pt))
Garbe, Craig (Team Leader/Special Services)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   
Garcia, Abbye (Multi-Media Specialist)
College Communications   815-921-4523
Garcia, Olga (Student Worker - RVC)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Gardner, Scott (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3104
Gargano, Matthew (Coordinator, Right Place to Start)
Enrollment and Retention   815-921-4123
Gear, Melissa (Programmer/Analyst)
Information Technology   815-921-4832
Geary, Ronald (Vice President of Career & Technical Ed & Community Outreach)
Career & Tech Ed & Outreach   815-921-2195
GeRue, Gerald (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3114
Giesecke, Robert (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Gilbert, Theresa (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3311
Girardin, Pete (Maintenance III/Buildings)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   
Glenn, Susan (Vice President & Chief Development Officer)
Foundation   815-921-4503
Glidden, Gary (Faculty/Sheet Metal (pt))
Technical Programs   
Glover, Sheri (Telecommunicator)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-1205
Gocken, Richard (Dean of Technical Progams,Allied Health & Trades)
Technical Programs   815-921-3003
Goers, Stephen (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Gonzales, Jessica (Career Counselor and Program Development Specialist)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2215
Goodacre, David (Bookkeeper Pt)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2006
Goral, Alicia (Faculty)
Nursing   815-921-3269
Gordon, Pamela (Administrative Assistant II)
Technical Programs   815-921-3235
Graf, Victoria (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1206
Graham, Effay (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Gray, Dennis (AV Temp (pt))
Information Technology   
Green, Deborah (Faculty (pt))
Greenwald, Elizabeth (Special Assignment (pt))
Theatre & Arts Park   
Griesbach, Carol (Tutoring Assistant- Pt)
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-2351
Grueder, Paula (Curriculum Coordinator)
Academic Affairs   815-921-4043
Guensburg, Thomas (Interim Dean of Sciences)
Gunsul, Paul (Faculty)
Mathematics   815-921-3519
Guo, Tao (Faculty)
Mathematics   815-921-3513
Gupta, Rohini (Faculty (pt))
Gutierrez, Raquel (Student Worker/CWS)
Enrollment and Retention   
Gutierrez, Walter (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
H back to top
Halbrader, James (Faculty/Quality (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Hale, Iris (Transitions Coordinator (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2008
Haley, Kim (Business Service Coordinator for DWP)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2214
Haller, Andrea (Tutor (pt))
Teaching and Learning Services   
Halverson, Patricia (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Hammond, Randy (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1241
Hansen, Liz (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3482
Hanson, Sharon (Coordinator, Phlebotomy Program)
Technical Programs   815-921-3208
Harambasic, Adnan (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Hardt, John (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Harsh, Alexander (Faculty - Summer)
Hartung, Sharon (Tutor (pt))
Teaching and Learning Services   
Hatten, Timothy (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3816
Haverly, Joseph (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3474
Hawkinson, Thomas (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Haydary, Spencer (Student Worker/RVC)
Student Development   
Hayes, Robert (Coach - Head Tennis-Women)
Hazen, Tracy (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3292
Heck, Joann (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3325
Heckman, Greg (Faculty)
Technical Programs   815-921-3014
Hedman, Terry (HVAC Mechanic)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-1523
Hefty, Jeffery (Director/DWP)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2201
Heilman, Amy (Program Director)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2272
Heinisch, Peter (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1249
Heller, James (Director)
Enrollment Services   815-921-4158
Henderson, Jessica (Faculty (pt))
Henert, Shaine (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3804
Henness, Tracy (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Henrickson, Shu-Huei (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3313
Herdeman, Catherine (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Hergert, Deena (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3484
Hergert, Rodger (Faculty)
Mathematics   815-921-3514
Herman, Milana (Program Manager)
Enrollment Services   815-921-4163
Herman, T (Maintenance/Custodian-Off Site)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-4323
Hernandez, George (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3385
Hernandez, Julie (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3388
Hessel, Bob (Faculty)
Mathematics   815-921-3515
Hicks, Joseph (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Hicks, Stephanie (Career Counselor, pt)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2261
Hilbert, Elroy (Faculty - FT temp)
Technical Programs   
Hill, Ronald (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Hilliker, Matthew (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Himes, Ronnie (Team Leader/Grounds)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-4305
Hitzke, Terri (Faculty (FT - temp))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1276
Hobson, Tijhana (Student Worker - Math Lab/RVC)
Hokanson, Tracy (Career Counselor)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2206
Holden, Patti (Faculty)
Nursing   815-921-3278
Holliman, Tonysha (Administrative Assistant II)
Business Services   815-921-4476
Holmes, Joey (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3422
Holmes, Michael (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Holstein, Bretta (Faculty, Pt)
Technical Programs   
Holub, Sharie (Administrative Assistant II)
Sciences   815-921-3471
Hominick, Roger (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Honaker, Celeste (Math Lab Tutor (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1213
Hoover, Steven (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Horvat, Frank (Sports Coordinator/Coach - Soccer)
Athletics   815-921-3842
Hoshaw, John (Sergeant, Ft)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-4376
Hosler, Lorelei (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1314
Houston, Marcia (Telecommunicator)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-4351
Howard, David (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Howard, James (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Huber, Jason (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Huff, DA (Administrative Assistant II)
Athletics   815-921-3801
Hugo, Patrice (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Hulstedt, Jodi (Academic Advisor - temp)
Enrollment and Retention   815-921-4117
Hulton, Pamela (Educational Planning Session Instructor-Temp,pt)
Enrollment and Retention   
Hunter, Shurice (Director Compensation, Benefits & Employee Relations)
Human Resources   815-921-4752
Huntley, Terrica (Academic & Transfer Advisor)
Enrollment and Retention   815-921-4244
I back to top
Ingelse, David (Temporary/Lab Technician/Aviation Maintenance (pt))
Technical Programs   
Ingle, Beth (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3389
Iovan, Sarah (Faculty (pt))
Irwin, Joab (Senior Officer)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-1543
Iske, Lonnie (Instructional Tech/Lab Attendant (pt))
Communication   815-921-1308
J back to top
Jabusch, Diann (Chief Information Officer)
Information Technology   815-921-4802
Jackson, Carol (Student Worker - CWS)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Jackson, Julienne (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Jackson, Loretta (Admin Assistant II - Temp (ft))
Enrollment and Retention   
Jacobsen, Sharon (Manager)
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-2388
Jamont, John (Coordinator)
Technical Programs   815-921-3026
Jannisch, Jessica (Administrative Assistant I (pt))
Teaching and Learning Services   
Jarvis, Audra (Faculty)
Nursing   815-921-3229
Jelnov, Irina (Student Employee/RVC)
Enrollment and Retention   
Jenks, Rick (Administrative Sergeant)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-4360
Jevremovic, Angela (Faculty (pt))
Ji, Sejeong (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Johann, Jon (HVAC Mechanic)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   
Johns, Ann (Program Director, Procurement Tech Asst Ctr)
Procurement Assistance Center   815-921-2091
Johnson, Ann (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Johnson, Brooke (Academic & Transfer Advisor)
Enrollment and Retention   815-921-4267
Johnson, Denise (Accounts Payable Assistant)
Financial Services   815-921-4407
Johnson, Frederick (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Johnson, George (Faculty (pt))
Johnson, Megan (Clinical Instructional Supervision (pt))
Johnson, Tom (Traffic Safety Assistant I)
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-3941
Johnson, Todd (Senior Officer)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-1212
Jones, Caroline (Faculty (pt))
Jones, Jessica (Vice President of Human Resources)
Human Resources   815-921-4755
Joyner, Mercedes (Student Worker/RVC)
Recruitment & Admissions   
Juarez, Bonnie (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1487
Jurgens, Raeann (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1282
K back to top
Kandil, Manar (Instructional Technician, pt)
Sciences   815-921-3485
Kardell, Gary (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Kayser, Dusty (Student Worker/CWS)
Student Development   
Keaggy, Dave (Client Services Technician)
Information Technology   815-921-4876
Kearns, Holli (Student Athlete Success Aide- Temp)
Athletics   815-921-3812
Keehn, Pauline (Faculty (pt))
Kelley, Mike (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3414
Kerley, Bethany (Faculty - Summer Pt)
Student Development   
Kerwitz, Ann (Assistant to President)
Chief Exec. Officer/President   815-921-4001
Khan, Afshan (Employment Specialist (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   
King, Demetris (Technology Support Specialist)
Information Technology   815-921-4819
Kinney, Elizabeth (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3492
Kinney, Mary (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1227
Klaas, Vicki (Administrative Assistant II)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   815-921-4626
Klimczak, Michael (Faculty (pt))
Student Development   
Knodle, Russell (Faculty)
Technical Programs   815-921-3008
Knutson, Holly (Faculty)
Technical Programs   815-921-3228
Koehler, Joel (Instructor/Whiz Kids (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Koehler, Kassandra (Instructor/Whiz Kids (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Koenig, Diane (Faculty)
Mathematics   815-921-3516
Konieczko, Nicholas (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Konkol, Chuck (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3164
Kosinski, Jenny (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3393
Kovell, Derrick (Technology Support Specialist)
Information Technology   815-921-4821
Kozel, Betty (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1245
Kramer, Chris (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3359
Kramer, Lynne (Testing Assistant - Pt)
Teaching and Learning Services   
Krantz, Jennifer (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Kravitz, Mike (Personal Success Counselor)
Student Development   815-921-4105
Krebeck, Bret (Systems Administrator)
Information Technology   815-921-4854
Kromer, Jeffrey (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Kruchten, Keith (Faculty (pt))
Student Development   
Kudlacik, Dawn (Administrative Assistant I)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2210
Kuehl, Diane (Credentialing Project Asst - temp)
Outreach and Planning   
Kulpa, Chad (Assistant Coach W-Softball)
Kunce, Brian (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Kunnert Scibona, Laura (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1215
Kutz, Russell (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
L back to top
LaBuy, Jerry (Faculty, FT temp)
Communication   815-921-3360
Lambert, Takeisha (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3312
Lamia, Tony (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Lampher, Renee (Faculty - Summer)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Lanis, Lisa (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   815-921-1261
Laprade, Paul (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3347
Lara, Vincent (Senior Officer)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-1257
Larson, Chad (Faculty (pt))
Larson, Donald (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Larson, Lisa (Administrative Assistant I)
Information Technology   815-921-4806
Larson, Scott (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Lathrop, Chad (Temporary Clerical (pt))
Enrollment Services   
Lavery, Evan (Assistant Coach Basketball)
Lawson, Arline (IT Helpdesk Technician)
Information Technology   
Lawson, Bill (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Lay, Robert (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3105
Lay, Vicki (Traffic Safety Assistant II)
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-3944
Lazzerini-Mathur, Holly (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Leake, Daniel (Welding Instructor, RTC)
Outreach and Planning   
Lebid, Nataliya (Faculty (pt))
Leden, Lisa (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3489
Lee, Gail (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-1403
Lee, Hsiao-Hung (Director)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   815-921-4627
Lee, Jill (Faculty (pt))
Leet, Cynthia (Welcome Center Support Staff - Temp)
Recruitment & Admissions   815-921-4272
Lerret, George (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Lewis, Tammy (Program Director)
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-3933
Leyva, Jessica (Student Employee - CWS)
Enrollment and Retention   
Licata, Debra (IT Helpdesk Technician)
Information Technology   815-921-1385
Lindblade, John (Instructor, Pt)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1298
Linden, Patti (Director)
Student Development   815-921-4110
Lindstrom, Robert (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Lipton, Bill (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3416
Locascio, Michelle (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1404
Lombardo, Tom (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3178
Lonsway, Amanda (Career Advisor)
Enrollment and Retention   815-921-4111
Lowenthal, Ariel (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1268
Lowry, Barbara (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1289
Lowry-Fritz, Maureen (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3509
Luecke, Bernie (Dir/BusinessDevelopment/BUO)
Business Outreach   815-921-2067
Luethje, Tracy (Dual Credit & HSC Support - Temp)
Teaching and Learning Services   
Lundberg, Lauren (Career Counselor)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2243
Lundstrom, Eric (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Lyman, Jennifer (Administrative Assistant II)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3101
M back to top
Maas, Rebecca (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3476
MacQueen, Heather (Administrative Assistant III)
Human Resources   815-921-4760
Maculan, Rob (Maintenance II/Fleet Vehicles)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-4307
Mahaney, Natalie (Sign Language Interpreter)
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-2358
Mais, James (Faculty (pt))
Malone, Paula (Coordinator)
Technical Programs   815-921-3205
Mang, Pau (Tutor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2279
Manriquez Hernandez, Daniela (Student Worker/CWS)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Marble, Latoya (Welcome Center Coordinator)
Recruitment & Admissions   815-921-4261
Marcial, Sheila (Career Counselor)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Marriett, Elizabeth (Employment Specialist (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1291
Marshall, Collin (Inventory & Signage Technician)
Business Services   815-921-4478
Marshall, Jaylin (Student Worker/RVC)
Recruitment & Admissions   
Marx, Daniel (Staff Accountant)
Financial Services   815-921-4419
Mason, David (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Mason, Patricia (Clinical Instructional Supervision (pt))
Mastroianni, Michael (President)
Chief Exec. Officer/President   815-921-4010
Matson, Catherine (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Mawyer, Rob (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3310
Maxson, Chris (Faculty)
Nursing   815-921-3266
Maya Vargas, Claudia (Student Worker/RVC)
Recruitment & Admissions   
McAuliffe, Kristi (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
McCarty, Kathy (Administrative Assistant III)
Academic Affairs   815-921-4009
McCaskill, Stacy (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3102
McClellan, Debra (Teacher Aide)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
McClelland, Lora (Faculty)
Nursing   815-921-3272
McCollum, Michael (Temporary (pt))
Business Services   
McCombs, Paul (Faculty)
Mathematics   815-921-3517
McCord, Kathryn (Faculty (pt))
McCord, Stanley (Coordinator/Automation Skills)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3179
McGee, Jordon (Administrative Assistant II)
Enrollment and Retention   815-921-4099
McGee, Justin (Temporary Registration Assistant (pt))
Enrollment Services   
McGhee, LaShun (Specialist, Dean of Students Office)
Student Development   815-921-4284
McHugh, Patricia (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1302
McKinney, Lori (Testing Specialist)
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-2386
McKinney, Troy (HVAC Mechanic)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   
McPheron, Lawrence (Faculty (pt))
McPherson, Travis (Library - Temp)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   
Medrano, Icidora (Administrative Assistant II)
Student Development   815-921-4291
Medrano, Sonia (Helpdesk Coordinator)
Information Technology   815-921-4842
Mehlig, Lisa (Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness)
Institutional Research and Effectiv   815-921-4070
Mehringer, Paula (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1287
Meinert, Mike (Client Systems Engineer)
Information Technology   815-921-4811
Meingast, Wolf (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Meinke, Barbara (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Merriman, M (Faculty)
Technical Programs   815-921-3010
Metz, Donald (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1286
Meyer, Judithann (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1305
Meyers, Cindy (IT Resource Coordinator)
Information Technology   815-921-4807
Michele, Mary (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1225
Miller, Cheryl (Faculty (pt))
Miller, Kristen (Athletic Trainer/Fitness Assessment Coordinator)
Athletics   815-921-3821
Miller, Mary (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1223
Miller, Michael (Faculty)
Technical Programs   815-921-3019
Mills, Andrew (Accounts Payable Assistant)
Financial Services   815-921-4411
Minardi, Maureen (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Mistretta, Martin (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Mitchell, Lamata (Dean of Communication)
Communication   815-921-3334
Mittel, Lisa (Payroll Team Leader)
Financial Services   815-921-4403
Mizyed, Amal (Faculty (pt))
Student Development   
Mogilski, Wiktor (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1202
Monroe, Darin (Sports Coordinator/Hd Softball Coach, Fitness,Wellness & Sp)
Athletics   815-921-3822
Moore, Chris (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1204
Moore, Ronald (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Morell, John (Student Employee - RVC)
Enrollment and Retention   
Moreno, Rachel (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3487
Morgan, Francis (Faculty (pt))
Student Development   
Morgan, Nina (Administrative Assistant, temp)
Institutional Research and Effectiv   815-921-4072
Morgan, Loretta (Assistant Director - Operations)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-4312
Morgan, Todd (Faculty)
Technical Programs   815-921-3013
Morris, Cierra (Lab Assistant - Temp)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Morrissey, Maureen (CLR Assistant II (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-3932
Moskalis, Stanislaw (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1389
Moslow, Eric (Technical Director/Lighting Designer)
Theatre & Arts Park   815-921-2153
Moss, Jacqueline (Faculty-Director/Clinical Education)
Technical Programs   815-921-3204
Mouity, Idriss (Translator, PT)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Mugavero, Barbara (Tutor (pt))
Teaching and Learning Services   
Muhammad, Luevinus (Academic & Transfer Advisor)
Enrollment and Retention   815-921-4124
Mundinger, Kathe (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Murphy, Adam (Mail Distribution Clerk)
Business Services   815-921-4458
Music, Nedisa (Adjustment Specialist)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2276
Myers, Mitchell (Student Worker/RVC)
Institutional Research and Effectiv   
Myers Weir, Jessica (Administrative Assistant I (pt))
Sciences   815-921-3401
Myhre, Michelle (Student Worker/CWS)
Technical Programs   
N back to top
Nagy, Moria (Faculty (pt))
Nania, Timothy (Maintenance II/Facilities, Fac Plan; Plant Ops & Maint)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   
Nassiri, Soudabeh (Faculty (pt))
Natal, Erica (Faculty (pt))
Nursing   815-921-1231
Nation, Cathy (Administrative Assistant II)
Nursing   815-921-3261
Nauman, Carol (Faculty (pt))
Nauman, Jayne (Teacher Aide)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Navickis, Marie (Faculty)
Technical Programs   815-921-3206
Nelson, Charles (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Nelson, Debra (Instructional Specialist)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3103
Nelson, Michael (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1201
Nemec, Lori (Mail Distribution Clerk)
Business Services   815-921-4457
Nesbitt, Rita (Career Counselor)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2262
Nesmith, Denise (Faculty (pt))
Newell, Paul (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Njaramba, Juliet (Student Worker/RVC)
Teaching and Learning Services   
Novachek, Jasmyn (Accounts Receivable Team Leader)
Financial Services   815-921-4422
Nudera, Patricia (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1253
Nzamba, Lionel (Student Worker/RVC)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
O back to top
Oakes, Mathew (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3305
Oberg, Erik (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Odierno, Kathleen (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Ojeda, Katherine (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1243
Oladapo, Jessica (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3351
Olafson, Valerie (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Olsen, Natalie (Assistant Coach Volleyball)
Olson, Douglas (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
O'Malley, Sherri (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Omari Derringer, Ama (Administrative Assistant II)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3317
Opat, Misty (Athletic Director & Head Coach)
Athletics   815-921-3807
Opfer, Stephanie (Tutor (pt))
Teaching and Learning Services   
Orozco, Michelle (Student Worker/RVC)
Recruitment & Admissions   
Ortega, Pebbles (Faculty (pt))
Osborne, Steven (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Osen, Soumaya (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Ostrom, Carol (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Ostrum, Cheryl (Student Worker - CWS)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Otte, Beverly (Teacher Aide)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Otts, Charles (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Ousley, Dawn (BPI Specialist)
Business Outreach   815-921-2066
Overton, Sam (Vice President)
Administrative Services   815-921-4445
Owen, Kyle (Instructional Tech/Lab Attendant (pt))
Communication   815-921-3335
P back to top
Palmerin, Jessica (Student Employee/RVC)
Enrollment and Retention   
Pantaleo, Lea (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3493
Panzella, Greg (GEF-Spec Assignment)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Papke, William (Maintenance III/Buildings)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-1530
Papp, Michael (Director)
Business Services   815-921-4482
Parker, George (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Parks, Dan (Systems Technician)
Information Technology   815-921-4815
Parola, Michael (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1489
Parsons, Sharla (Research Associate)
Institutional Research and Effectiv   815-921-4071
Paslick, Cassiopeia (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3419
Patel, Akanksha (Career Counselor, pt)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2267
Patterson, Cara (Dual Credit Coordinator and Transition Advisor)
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-4087
Patterson, Kimberly (Manager)
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-3901
Paul-Petersen, Randy (Faculty, Pt)
Technical Programs   
Paulson, Russell (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Peach Churches, Kerri (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Pearlman, Lisa (Instructor/Whiz Kids (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Pearson, Gail (Teacher Aide- ADE, PT)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Pease, Megan (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3423
Peck, Jessica (Maintenance II/Grounds)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   
Penington, Fred (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Perks, Maria (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1235
Perla, Paul (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Person, Steven (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Pete, Susan (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Peterson, Katie (Administrative Assistant III)
Foundation   815-921-4501
Peterson, Lori (Faculty)
Nursing   815-921-3275
Petrie, Robert (Audio Visual Support Specialist/IT)
Information Technology   815-921-4857
Phillips, Michael (Director)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-4304
Pink, David (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3321
Polasky, William (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Politsch, Andrew (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Pomering, Beverly (CLR Assistant II)
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-3931
Poore, Jonathan (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3314
Porter, Erika (Records Assistant)
Enrollment Services   815-921-4259
Powell, Brenda (Faculty (pt))
Prashar, Kanwal (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3397
Purnell, John (Technology Support Specialist (temp))
Information Technology   
Pusatera, John (Faculty/Tool & Die/Precision Machinist (pt))
Technical Programs   
Q back to top
Quass, Lisa (IT Helpdesk Technician)
Information Technology   815-921-4843
Quintana Lopez, Paulina (Student Worker - CWS)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Quirk, Martin (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3391
Quisenberry, Jessy (Career & Academic Advisor)
Enrollment and Retention   815-921-4096
R back to top
Rabe, Joan (Administrative Assistant I)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3113
Ramsay, Jean (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Rauh, Paige (Testing Specialist)
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-2384
Raymer, Loren (Team Leader/Career Education - Off Site)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-1531
Regev, Alon (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1306
Reh, Su (Translator (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Reising, Sonia (Manager)
Enrollment and Retention   815-921-4102
Rentsch, Verna (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1394
Richardson, Antonio (Maintenance II/Facilities, Fac Plan; Plant Ops & Maint)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   
Rimkus, Richard (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-1274
Rinker, Cheryl (Faculty - Reading)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2369
Rippentrop, Diana (Faculty)
Mathematics   815-921-3506
Rittenhouse, Cherri (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3352
Roberts, Bruce (Program Director)
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-3946
Robertson, Karen (Faculty)
Nursing   815-921-3282
Robinson, Tia (Dean)
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-4093
Rodakowski, Natalie (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3813
Roloff Welch, Jennifer (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3323
Roman, Nicholas (Assistant Coach Womens Soccer)
Romero, Lori (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1311
Rosas, Fernando (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1329
Rose, Andrew (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Rose, Lucia (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1301
Rosenquist, Micky (Faculty (pt))
Roskowic, Michelle (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1211
Ross, Abigail (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1272
Ross, David (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3353
Ross, Richard (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3413
Rotert, Michelle (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3354
Rothmeyer, Michelle (Faculty - Summer Pt)
Student Development   
Rottman, April (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3483
Royal, Nicole (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1203
Rubert, Marc (Senior Officer)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-4372
Ruckman, PS (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3392
Ruggerio, Marianna (Instructor/Whiz Kids (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Rundle, Pamela (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Runne, Judith (Clinical Instructor (pt))
Technical Programs   
Russo, Elizabeth (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3477
S back to top
Saghu, Jean (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Salazar, Maria (Administrative Assistant II)
Technical Programs   815-921-3016
Samsel, Diane (Faculty)
Technical Programs   815-921-3240
Samuelson, William (Lab Technician (pt))
Sciences   815-921-3428
Sanders, Wendy (Faculty (pt))
Sandoval, Mark (Coordinator, Truck Driver Training Program)
Business Outreach   815-921-2076
Santana, Ashley (Student Worker/RVC)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   
Sasso, Michael (Faculty)
Technical Programs   815-921-3012
Savalla, Louis (Systems Administrator)
Information Technology   815-921-4856
Scherbarth, Linda (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1382
Schildgen, Julie (Faculty, Pt)
Technical Programs   
Schilf, Dr. BOB (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3383
Schleter, Everett (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1269
Schmit, Bernard (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1237
Schnaper, Michael (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Schneider, David (Manager of Recruitment)
Recruitment & Admissions   815-921-4278
Schoening, Michael (Senior Officer)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-1208
Schoonhoven, Meredith (Teaching Specialist-Reading PT)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Schoonover, Jerry (Instructor (pt))
Business Outreach   
Schraiber, Greg (Administrative Systems Programmer)
Information Technology   815-921-4835
Schubert, Grant (Teaching Specialist-Reading PT)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Schulz, Ronald (Faculty (pt))
Schumann, Megan (Educational Planning Session Instructor-Temp,pt)
Enrollment and Retention   
Schwartz, Kathy (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1315
Seele, Robert (Assistant Director - Maintenance)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-4313
Seele, Theodore (Maintenance III/Buildings)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   
Sentilleses, Michael (Assistive Technology Specialist (pt))
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-2364
Severing, Tonya (Administrative Assistant II)
Mathematics   815-921-3510
Shannon, Elaine (Records Assistant)
Enrollment Services   815-921-4258
Sharkey, Deanna (Techworks Administrative Assistant (pt))
Business Outreach   815-921-2192
Shattuck, Lynn (Director)
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-2356
Shaw, Kerri (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3309
Shaw, Robin (Mail Distribution Technician)
Business Services   815-921-4491
Shaw White, Kathleen (Administrative Assistant I)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-4306
Sheehama, Dominique (Student Worker/RVC)
Teaching and Learning Services   
Sheik, Daryl (Faculty/Electricians (pt))
Technical Programs   
Shelton, Gerald (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Sholes, Bradley (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1285
Shwaiko, Janna (Administrative Assistant III)
Liberal Arts and Sciences   815-921-4044
Siaw, William (Student Worker/RVC)
Enrollment Services   
Sicotte, Charles (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3394
Siddiqui, Sami (Student Worker/RVC)
Financial Services   
Sides, Molly (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3322
Sieracki, Mary (Faculty - Reading)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2367
Sikubwabo, Theodore (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1209
Sims, Vanessa (Educational Planning Session Instructor-Temp,pt)
Enrollment and Retention   
Sisney, Virginia (Teacher Aide- ADE, PT)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Sitenga, Charles (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Skupien, John (Faculty)
Technical Programs   815-921-3002
Slater, Lydia (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3110
Sloan, Barbara (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Smaha, Cindy (Administrative Assistant II)
Student Development   815-921-4146
Smith, Amanda (Dean)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2009
Smith, Morgan (Student Liaison Refugee & Immigrant Services)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Smith, Sarah (Senior Officer)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-1246
Smith, Tyler (Student Worker/RVC)
Information Technology   
Snider, Heather (Institutional Research & Effectiveness Specialist)
Institutional Research and Effectiv   815-921-4075
Snodgrass, Robbin (Events Coordinator)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-4321
Soenksen, Steven (Systems Technician)
Information Technology   815-921-4827
Soltys, Donna (Faculty - Reading)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2354
Sommer, Seth (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Song, Yiluo (Systems Librarian)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   815-921-4602
Spahr, Nancy (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1312
Spain, Mark (Business Services Coordinator)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2273
Spaulding-Shrader, Kimberly (Instructor/Whiz Kids (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Spearman, Airri (Systems Administrator)
Information Technology   815-921-4849
Spearman, Howard (Associate Vice President)
Enrollment and Retention   815-921-4109
Spears, Linda (Faculty)
Mathematics   815-921-3507
Spielman, Marilyn (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Spielman, Timothy (Academic & Transfer Advisor)
Enrollment and Retention   815-921-4104
Stahl, Kurt (Senior Officer)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-1234
Stalter, Paul (Faculty (pt))
Starks, William (Officer (pt))
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-1283
Stassi, Joan (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Stech, Glenn (Audio Visual Support Specialist/IT)
Information Technology   815-921-4818
Stein, Don (Associate Producer)
Theatre & Arts Park   815-921-2156
Stein, Kenneth (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3357
Stien, Rebecca (Administrative Assistant II)
Communication   815-921-3338
Stock, Mark (Maintenance III/Buildings)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-1537
Stolzer, Wanda (Administrative Assistant I)
Sciences   815-921-3404
Stopoulos, Lee (Clinical Instructional Supervision (pt))
Technical Programs   
Storm, Ellen (Dean of Nursing, Career & Technical Education)
Nursing   815-921-3273
Street, Robert (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Strong, Lisa (Instructional Technician, Biology)
Sciences   815-921-3454
Struthers, Heather (Temporary Registration Assistant (pt))
Enrollment Services   
Struthers, Mary (Coordinator, Financial Aid Student Services)
Enrollment Services   815-921-4162
Sugrue, Patrick (Faculty)
Mathematics   815-921-3522
Sunday, Desmond (Student Worker - RVC)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Sunday, Rachel (Administration Support Specialist)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2246
Swanson, Sheryl (Faculty)
Nursing   815-921-3284
Szeluga, John (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Szterensus, Cristina (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3337
T back to top
Tallacksen, Jeremy (AV Temp (pt))
Information Technology   
Tanaka, Benjamin (Faculty (pt))
Taydem, Maria (Faculty (FT temp))
Sciences   815-921-3424
Taylor, Darla (Faculty (pt))
Taylor, Janet (Facilities Planning Manager)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-4324
Taylor, Linda (Faculty (pt))
Taylor, Maureen (Director)
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-3904
Taylor, Wendy (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1280
Terranova, Louis (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Terrinoni, Molly (Assistant Director)
Financial Services   815-921-4408
Thielen, Ben (Instructor, Pt)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Thomas, Bryce (Student Worker/CWS)
Enrollment and Retention   
Thomas, Jayla (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1244
Thompson, Steve (Outreach Coor/Archivist)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   815-921-4612
Tifft, Sandra (Student Worker/RVC)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   
Tillmann, Ryan (Financial Aid Assistant)
Enrollment Services   815-921-4153
Tilly, Karen (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Tomei, Alyssa (Sports Coordinator-Women's Volleyball Coach)
Athletics   815-921-3818
Topalovich, Kristy (Faculty (pt))
Torossian, Rhonda (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Townsend, Kathleen (Faculty (pt))
Student Development   
Trank, Carl (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1491
Travis, Katie (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1279
Turner, Richard (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
U back to top
Ulven, Darrell (Physical Science Laboratory Manager)
Sciences   815-921-3410
V back to top
Vancil, Samantha (Financial Services Assistant)
Financial Services   815-921-4409
Vandenberg, Colleen (Faculty (pt))
Student Development   
Vandre, Catherine (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3451
Velasco, Samantha (Student Employee - CWS)
Enrollment and Retention   
Velazquez, Heather (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Ventimiglia, Elvira (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3358
Verdone, Melinda (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3415
Vergel de Dios, Maria (IT Helpdesk Technician)
Information Technology   815-921-4824
VerHagen, Edward (Maintenance III/Buildings)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-1538
Verma, Deepti (IT Helpdesk Technician)
Information Technology   815-921-1303
Vest, Kevin (Sports Coordinator/Coach-Men's Baseball)
Athletics   815-921-3820
Vettore, Michael (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Vidican, Deborah (Faculty - Sub)
Technical Programs   
Villalobos-Hallmann, Betty (Academic & Transfer Advisor)
Enrollment and Retention   815-921-4277
Vincent, Matthew (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3355
Vinik, Fran (Programmer/Analyst)
Information Technology   815-921-4836
Virdi-Hulsebus, Surachna (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Viren, Holly (Records Analyst)
Enrollment Services   815-921-4257
Virzi, Amanda (Manager of Admissions)
Recruitment & Admissions   815-921-4276
Volz, Michael (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3402
W back to top
Wagner, Brian (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3367
Wahlquist, John (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Walker, Robert (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Wallin, Thomas (Faculty/Sheet Metal (pt))
Technical Programs   
Walters, William (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3319
Warner, Ana (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1240
Warren, Martena (Administrative Assistant II - CPT)
Outreach and Planning   815-921-2061
Warren, Vikki (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Wascher, Stephanie (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3160
Watkins, Darryl (Assistant Coach Womens Basketball)
Watson, Bill (Senior Officer)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-4366
Watts, William (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1392
Webb, Debra (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Webb, Katherine (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Webb, Kenneth (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3316
Webb, Mike (Director)
Theatre & Arts Park   815-921-2151
Weber, Diane (Library Assistant/Tecnical Services)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   815-921-4610
Weber, John (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Weedman, Karen (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1218
Weeks, Sandra (Testing Assistant - Pt)
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-2361
Weightman, Janice (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1327
Weiss, Ginette (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1482
Wells, Pamela (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1322
Wessel, Darrick (Faculty, Pt)
Technical Programs   
Wessels, Karen (Faculty (pt))
Westergren, Franklin (Maintenance II/Grounds)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-1539
Wheeler, Jennifer (Student Event Specialist, pt)
Student Development   815-921-4183
Whitaker, Decameron (Student Worker/RVC)
Recruitment & Admissions   
Whitehead, Tammy (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3356
Whitlow, Becky (Access Services Coordinator)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   815-921-4603
Whittington, Eddie (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Wholey, Richard (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Wight, Terry (Manager)
Information Technology   815-921-4853
Wild, Jack (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Wilkens, Jennifer (Career & Academic Advisr, Temp)
Enrollment and Retention   
Wilkinson, Jim (Manager)
Information Technology   815-921-4851
Williams, Jessica (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1248
Williams, Susan (Community and Continuing Education Assistant III)
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-3903
Wilson, Eric (Coordinator, New Student Enrollment)
Recruitment & Admissions   815-921-4176
Wims, Taylor (Student Worker/RVC)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   
Winiarski, George (Manager of Creative Services)
College Communications   815-921-4515
Woehler, Julie (Technology Support Specialist)
Information Technology   815-921-4820
Wolf, Alyssa (Wellness Program Coordinator)
Human Resources   815-921-4758
Wolf, Zachary (Assistant Coach Baseball)
Wolfe, Charles (Lab Technician (pt))
Technical Programs   
Wong, Steve (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3108
Woolbright, Darla (Senior Accountant)
Financial Services   815-921-4420
Woulfe, Eric (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3115
Wrecke, Deborah (Graphic Designer - Temp)
Wright, Abigail (Student Worker/CWS)
Recruitment & Admissions   
Wyatt, Sandy (Faculty (pt))
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Yerk, Angela (Administrative Assistant II)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2007
Young, Patricia (Coordinator/ABE)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2004
Youngblood, Dane (Purchasing Assistant)
Business Services   815-921-4477
Youngblood, Michael (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3395
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Zalapi, Vincent (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1229
Zamora, Victoria (Administrative Assistant I)
Chief Exec. Officer/President   815-921-4003
Zbeeb, Robert (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Zellweger, Richard (Truck Driver Training Specialist)
Business Outreach   
Zillmer, Sue (Administrative Assistant III)
Administrative Services   815-921-4441
Zimmerman, Jennifer (Faculty (pt))
Zito, Whitney (Student Worker/CWS)
Enrollment Services