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Scholarship Application

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A. Personal Information

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Briefly describe what it will mean to you if you should receive an RVC Foundation scholarship.

B. Student Information

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C. Education Plans

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My Education and Career Goals:
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D. Financial Need

Note: In order to be considered for any scholarship that is only based on need, you must complete the RVC financial aid process by the scholarship application deadline.
Financial Aid Information
RVC Foundation scholarships will only pay a portion of your tuition, books, and fees. You will still be responsible for the remaining costs. The RVC Financial Aid office can help you with student loans and payment plans, so please plan now on how you will cover your educational expenses. How will you pay for your remaining education costs?

E. Scholarship Criteria

Completing this section is not required, but it can improve your chances of receiving a scholarship. Many RVC Foundation Scholarships have a secondary set of preferred criteria that a donor would like to see met if at all possible. Some of this criteria can already be determined, such as living in a particular county, or graduating from a particular high school.
Individual Preferences (check all that apply):
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F. Certification

I certify that the information on this form and any submitted documentation is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.

I understand that by signing and submitting this scholarship application and supporting documents, I waive my rights to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) for the purposes of selection and for providing recipient information to the donors of any scholarships I may be awarded. I also understand that my directory information and quotes from my application and submitted documentation may be used in publications, reports, press releases, etc. In addition, I give Rock Valley College permission to release my student education information to the Rock Valley College Foundation for the purpose of awarding and administering scholarships.

I further acknowledge that I will supply official transcripts and/or other required documentation to either the Rock Valley College Financial Aid Office or the RVC Foundation by the scholarship application deadline. I am aware that failure to do so may eliminate me for consideration of any scholarship awards that I may otherwise qualify for.

Finally, I realize that unless I am registered for fall classes by the first Friday in June I will not be considered for a scholarship.